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Resolution EP

Piano-driven and taking influence from 90’s trip-hop.

Beams EP

A vibrant and experimental cosmic journey.

March Bells EP

Bold yet laid-back cinematic tracks.

Glo-Fi EP

Laid back and lo-fi to upfront and melodic.

Otherworldly Soundscapes EP

Curious and unsettling alien atmospheres.

Retro Metro EP

A nostalgic hybrid of house, techno, disco & pop.

Distance EP

Electronic, hypnotic and melodic techno.

Pods EP

Upfront house with a quirky edge.

Just Flow EP

Techno & trance beats with tribal elements.

Primal EP

Playful with a spiritual atmosphere.

Mansion EP

Bouncy breakbeat to high-class house.

Weird Electronica EP

Uniquely weird electronica.

Road To Paradise EP

Driving summer house music.

Exhilarate EP

Uplifting rave inspired breaks.

Lavender EP

Chilled house to glitchy hip-hop.

Poly EP

Carefully crafted atmospheric textures and rhythms.

Shimmer EP

Atmospheric, positive & progressive vibes.

Supernova EP

Explosive and expressive cinematic rock.

Emerge EP

Anthemic guitars to electronic dub beats.

Hypnotic EP

Evoking a sense of movement & progress.

Ambient Angel EP

Cinematic and emotional journeys.

Dance Blades EP

Glitchy and danceable breaks and beats with a futuristic edge.

Downbeat EP

An atmospheric, edgy and cinematic EP.

Hypertension EP

Brooding and pulsating trip-hop fused with powerful guitars and epic strings.

Uprising EP

Dynamic, modern, dramatic and emotional orchestral themes.

Twisted Tunes EP

Twisted tunes is somewhat sinister, occasionally off-centre and always unique.

Justice Steps EP

Anthemic driving guitars with gritty drums to a catchy chiptune and trap mix.

Gateway EP

Fast-flowing beats and dreamy hypnotic synths.

Aqueous EP

Flowing & liquid, freeform and mellow.
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