Welcome to Thousand Mile Music, a new production music label from a growing collective of experienced musicians, producers and sound designers.

Based in key cities, we compose and collaborate between Tokyo and New York, via Sydney, London, Berlin and Stockholm. 

We release EPs, focusing on original music with an organic and experimental DIY-edge.

Each EP includes an original mix, plus remixes offering various moods, genres and tempos.

Our music is easily licensed through PRS.

Our Mini Christmas EP

The funniest face
looked out at me
From a silver ball
On the Christmas Tree!

At first I thought
It was Santa’s elf,
But I looked again and
It was just myself!

Downloads unavailable on mobile devices.

Check out our other recent releases

Rheostatic EP

Get lost in an experimental landscape, featuring twisted textures,
lo-fi breaks and exquisite yet subtle melodies.

Animal EP

From ambient to trance to soundtrack.
Featuring slick basslines and melodic synths.

Nettle EP

Hypnotic synths, 808's & uplifting liquid beats.
Three diverse mixes spread across a wide bpm range.

Forever EP

A dark and expertly crafted bassline leads alongside
a mix heavy on sound design and a remix re-imagined.

The Upsidedown EP

80's inspired synths, basses and beats.
Things are happening here, and they're Stranger than ever.

The Weekend EP

House meets Dance meets Hip-Hop.
The Weekend has arrived, where will you go?

Colonized EP

Modular beats and bleeps, reversed guitars, a dark choir
and a circuit-bent games console helped build this melodic EP.

Peddle EP

Highlighting rhythm, motion and movement across 3 distinct mixes.
Atmospheric Trance to Liquid Drum and Bass.

Where We Were EP

We dusted off the synths for this nostalgia-tinged record.
Retro and modern beats collide to create an impressive all-rounder.

Broken Moves EP

Solid beats and basslines, stacked vocals
and intricate sound design prove ultimately uplifting.

The Visitor EP

Intelligent rhythms, celestial synths and stellar sound design.
This EP explores endless possibilities.

Deep Thoughts EP

Explore the corners of your mind with twisted rhythms
and experimental sounds.

Other World EP

Earthbound sounds from another dimension.
Ladies & Gentlemen, we are gently floating in space.

Direction EP

A feelgood and nostalgic dancefloor-ready anthem including a chilled mix.
This EP is just in time for summer!

Look Back EP

A bleeding guitar sits across a driving bassline,
via a sub shaking post-dubstep mix and a skilled live modular remix.

Rising EP

Crispy beats with bending guitars, lo-fi organs and strings,
via a warped vocal mix. This EP is too cool for school!

And listen to all of our EPs

Night Running EP

A hypnotic hook with evolving arps and swaying rhythms,
via lush orchestration and downtempo beats.

Velvet Drive EP

Wonky beats and dizzy basslines and bleeps
wrapped in a sophisticated bubble.

Rotator EP

Heavily chopped vocals with melodic plucks
and nostalgic beats & basslines.

Creation EP

Retro inspired upbeat modernism,
courtesy of our dusty RJ8.

Remote Viewer EP

Unworldly minimal beats, via warped synths
and melodic pianos.

Stormy Ground EP

Strong on sound design, soulful beats collide
with lush strings and dark chords.

White Sun EP

A post-apocalyptic score with
melodious atmospheric calm.

Grid EP

Rolling breaks to retro beats,
via a chilled downtempo mix.

Unwind EP

Organs, reversed guitars and a refurbished
accordion sits over trippy beats.

Taurus EP

Crying vocals, via bleep machines
and marching drums.

Interceptor EP

A dramatic chase through prohibited airspace.
Cranked guitars to Trap.

Hunger EP

Full speed rolling breaks,
via a chilled mix, then BANG!
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