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Shift EP

Electronic and melodic.
Avidly fusing styles from retro to contemporary.

Kilio EP

Raw, relaxed & atmospheric.
Solid beats with mutated synths, evolving
textures and stimulating sound design.

War March EP

An intriguing fusion of styles and moods across 3 contrasting mixes.
Carefully crafted glitches, beats, gritty basslines and textures.

Drifting EP

An inspired vocalized melody blends with lush orchestration across four mixes.
From cinematic to experimental and beyond.

Cardio EP

Forward-thinking and futuristic. Ambient and dub to drum 'n' bass.

Backline EP

Melodic and pulsating. Upfront house and a hip-hop/rock crossover mix.

Hip-Hop Underscores Vol. 1 EP

Old skool, lo-fi, jazzy, hip-hop underscores.

Hip-Hop Underscores Vol. 2 EP

Old skool, lo-fi, jazzy, hip-hop underscores.

Watery EP

Mechanical yet fluid. Broken beats, sweeping atmospheres and gnarly basses.

We Rust EP

Unconventional and adventurous. Influences from trap, ambient and dance.

Vibes Only EP

Uplifting pop, mesmerising dance and warm atmospheric grooves.

Tempered EP

Skillfully designed tones and obscure noises.

Epic Club EP

Five unique and epic club tracks offering contrasting styles.

Synthetic EP

Both retro and futuristic. Progressive house to breakbeat and old skool.

Alien Nature EP

Unusual, intricate and strangely melodic. An alternate soundtrack.

Slide EP

Booming 808s, offbeat bass and soaring synths.

Sirocco EP

Uplifting and experimental across a fusion of styles, rhythms and textures.


Exploring a chilled side of electronic music.

Troubled EP

Hip-Hop and electronica combine across three mixes.

Become EP

Uplifting yet unconventional, merging dance and pop.

Southpaw EP

Heavy Hip-Hop with live drums and guitar.

Harps EP

Glitchy lo-fi Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass.

Polaroid EP

Chilled beats with perfectly sculptured textures.

Desire EP

Atmospheric and modern, with a nineties twist.

Cyan Drift EP

Blissful and harmonically rich, expansive and unique.
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